Weed strains for when you want more than just a good time.

Marijuana makes movies funnier, food tastier, sex… well, you know. Any dispensary you walk into in a legalized state will have strains marketed as enhancers for these ‘good vibes’. Missing in the weed conversation, however, are some of the other places THC can take your mind. I’ve known writers who use to help them free associate, scientists who blaze to let them approach problems from different angles, and meditators who get stoned to calm the thoughts running through their heads. If a good bud tender can set you up with the right strain to make your movie night funnier, what strains are there for when you want something other than a good time.

Soap: The writer’s high.

The beautiful yellow tips of this sativa reflect the bright spots it sets popping in your mind. It’s energizing enough to keep your fingers on the keyboard and your mind churning out ideas, but not so high energy you might dance out of your seat. Pair this with a rich cup of coffee and a Sunday afternoon and you’ll have no problem finishing act two of that screenplay.

Peach Cobbler: For the eureka moment.

To quote everyone’s favorite stoner show, ’sometimes science is more art than science, Morty.’ When you’ve been stuck on that impossible problem, integrating and reintegrating, triple checking your eigenvalues… you know, doing science, and you can’t seem to work your way through, Peach Cobbler might be what you need. It’s nearly perfectly balanced, as far as hybrids go. The Dream Queen side of the strain gives just enough energy to keep you from disassociating as the super smooth Strawnanna calms you, letting you approach that problem from a different angle.

Blue Dream: To transcend.

Indica dominant seems like the obvious choice here, but it’s not so simple as that. Meditation requires more than just relaxation, so when choosing a strain to burn along with your incense you may want to eschew the more ‘in-da-couch’ style indicas. Blue Dream relieves tension from your shoulders and stress from your mind, but doesn’t send you to sleep (despite the name). In mediation as in good weed balance is everything.

Is there a strain you think I should have mentioned? Or a mood/strain pair you think I might have missed? Let me know below.



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Alex Shifman

Alex Shifman

Creative/ dyslexic. Good writer/ bad speller. I write about weed, walking, and something else that starts with w.